Welcome to Elephants Crossing Lodge – Where Giants Roam Free

Nestled amidst the lush landscapes of Welgevonden Game Reserve, Elephants Crossing Lodge stands as a testament to harmonious coexistence with nature. Unlike many other lodges, Elephants Crossing does not have a fence. This allows elephants to walk freely around the lodge and the tents. It’s not uncommon for guests to wake up to the gentle rustle of leaves as these majestic creatures traverse the grounds, reminding us of the raw beauty and untamed allure of the Waterberg wilderness.

Our guests are often treated to a unique spectacle: elephants gracefully approaching our private splash pools to quench their thirst. Our lovely plunge pools, seem to have become the go-to spot for a drink. The elephants come up very close to your accommodation and can drink up to 100-200 liters out of the pools. (Don’t worry, we will fill it right up again for you).

And did you know that elephants are extremely intelligent beings? They possess an extraordinary memory, capable of remembering intricate details of their surroundings. That is why they keep coming back to the lodge – they just love it a lot.

Elephant Crossing Location
Site 67, Welgevonden Game Reserve, West Gate,
Vaalwater, 7600
Reservations Office Number
+27 87 056 9937
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